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Yangjiang: In 2016, the industry of stainless steel material realized a total industrial output value of around RMB 27.4 billion, accounting for 14% of total output value of industries above the designed size in the city. The capacity of stainless steel can reach 2 million tons. It is the largest domestic high-end stainless steel production cluster as well as one of the most potential industrial clusters in the Province.

Future planning: The high-end stainless steel industry will establish an industrial cluster with over RMB 100 billion output value within 4 years and focus on establishment of an important basic raw material industry base in South China.

As an upstream enterprise of high-end stainless steel, Century Tsingshan is supported and appreciated by provincial and municipal governments in Yangjiang which has been forging ahead in the development of stainless steel industry and owns incomparable regional advantage.

Yangjiang Port: It is a national first-class open port. With the port shoreline as around 10 kilometers, it is planned to construct 63 piers and has finished 11 over 10,000-ton piers. After completion of all piers, the handling capacity of the port can reach 100 million tons and the port will be constructed as an important industrial port and Lin’gang industrial base of Guangdong Province.

The straight-line distance from Yangjiang to the Philippine ore is 1,053 sea mile and the factory is 1 kilometer to the Yangjiang Port pier. Therefore, compared with other domestic ferronickel factories, we have advantage in logistics and can save freight for ore for around USD 40 million per year.