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Process Flow

Process Flow: The RKEF+AOD hot feeding and hot conveying integrated process is capable of saving the power consumption for each ton of steel by 450kW•hOur Company’s laterite-nickel ore is supplied by Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. (GFNI), the largest listed mineral products exploitation company in the Philippines. The dry kiln dehydrates the laterite-nickel ore to dry one with less than 20 % of water content through recycling utilization of exhaust produced by submerged arc furnace as the energy and conveys the dry ore to the rotary kiln for roasting to around 780℃ for taking off the crystal water in the ore and pre-reduction to roasted product, which will enter the submerged arc furnace and then restore to high-quality ferronickel water through electrolysis. Ferronickel water produced by our Company will be red conveyed to AOD furnace and made into various high-quality stainless steel.