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Management advantage

I. Win-win collaborative advantage:                                                       II. Advantage in stainless steel industry:

Century Tsingshan signed a long-term supply and marketing contract with  Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology CO.,Ltd with the third-party purchase price of ferronickel released monthly on the online website of nickel alloy as the benchmark settlement price of ferronickel.

The consumption of stainless steel in emerging market countries is with very huge growth potential. The global output of stainless steel is estimated to increase by 26.7% in the following 5 years from 2015 to 2020, with an average increase rate of 5.3%. And the increase rate in China is 32%, with an average increase rate of 6.4%.

Century Tsingshanconveys ferronickel water to Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology CO.,Ltd by means of red conveying, which will save the cost of each ton of stainless steel by over RMB 300 for  Guangdong Guangqing Metal Technology CO.,Ltd  bring additional earnings for customers and ensure long-term and effective execution of the contract.

The share of Chinese stainless steel in the world will further expand from 52% in 2015 to 55%.
Compared with other ferronickel factories, Century Tsingshan will save the cost of ferronickel casting and logistics and at the same time avoid the cost of capital occupation during transportation.