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Global Competitiveness

Development planning of the Group: To fulfill the innovation and practice according to the “Belt and Road” national top strategy, improve the production chain of GFNI and take the initiative to enter the globalized layout of nickel alloy production. The first-stage project is the 800,000-ton low-nickel pig iron project in the Surigao Free Trade Zone in the Philippines and the second-stage one is the 200 series stainless steel project with an annual output of 1.05 million tons.

It is estimated that global demand of Ni will increase at a rate of 19% in the following 5 years from 2015 to 2020, with an annual increase rate of 3.8%, and that the demand in China will increase by 18.5%, with an annual increase rate of 3.7%.

Century Tsingshan is one of the most competitive factories in RKEF nickel smelting in the world and its output ranks fifth in Chinese market. Its cost of ferronickel smelting is lower than that of most of the main ferronickel factories in this industry and it is only surpassed by partial RKEF smelting projects under construction in Indonesia.